Wayfair 20th Anniversary- Pitch

Organic garland

FESTINI Services/Options
All rates are estimates
August 2022

Wayfair Balloon Bouquet

Wayfair Colors:
Lavender flowers with Violet Stems
Violet flowers with Lavender Stems

– Have bouquet free-standing in an area as decor / to welcome guest to a space
– Give bouquet as a gift / award
– Hand out individual flowers to employees as a keepsake

Photo Studio Setup

– Live photographer takes photos of employees at a photo station, we discussed in front of the balloon wall.
– Camera will be on a tripod and professional studio lights will be used
– We will send the edited images to you, which you could display in a gallery online for people to find their images.
– 2 hours of Photography Studio Services – $385

Balloon Wall

– Rates reflect latex balloon wall
– Organic style: Balloon walls are made with balloons of multiple sizes (5″ up to 36”)
– Silver foil orbs / silver starburst balloons / chrome silver latex balloons are extra
– Travel, delivery, installation is additional

Example of Balloon Wall with Foil Starbursts and Foil Orbs

Face Painting

– Water-based theatrical makeup
– Wayfair colors
– Purple gradient face painting
– Designs for both men and women, face or arm
– $255 for 2 hours of unlimited painting

Balloon Numeral Sculpture ’20

– 8ft balloon sculpture of a number 2 and number 0
– Stands on a platform that can be moved around
– Indoor and/or outdoor
– Rates starting at $410/number

Balloon Foil Numbers

– Foil numbers displayed on a freestanding, weighted latex balloon platform
– $42/each number
– Can be placed around the office on desks, kitchen counters etc.

Organic Garland

– Rates based on length by the foot
– $240 for 8ft, then $22/ft of additional length
– 7.5 ft Gold Hoop Rental : $95
– Can last 10 – 14 days indoors

Marquee Numbers

– Aprox $220 – $295 each

– Rates TBD

Wayfair Logo Balloons

– Rates TBD